How to dress your body for the FOURTH TRIMESTER.

How to dress your body for the FOURTH TRIMESTER.

How to Build a Postpartum Wardrobe That's Comfortable and Foolproof

We worry too much about what to wear during our pregnancy and eventually forget about what happens after bebe? Postpartum dressing.. Yup that's a thing. And it can be tricky. Why? B’coz (1) you might still look pregnant and (2) you might be feeding and emitting various fluids from all possible orifices of your body in general.

We understand that you have this new body that has just undergone a totally crazy yet amazing experience of childbirth and now you're stuck to figure out how to dress it. So, we are here to give you a little list of pieces that are easy, comfortable and discreet and can become your go-to pieces of your postpartum wardrobe. Welcome to the club, mama.

Designed with nursing, this crazy soft dress is designed with a zipper that pulls open to a discreet center slit.

Green Nursing Dress

Super easy, light and summery: a nursing wrap top that makes feeding on-the-go easier (and prettier)

Polka Dot Wrap Top

This top is swingy, lightweight and easy. It’s ideal for grocery runs, hosting and general hoop-jumping activities.

Indigo Blue Slouchy Top

We love a 4th trimester maxi dress, especially in suuuuper soft jersey fabric with a tie around the waist.

Indigo Blue Mxi Dress

Psst. This secret nursing dress has secret buttons at the chest that close with hidden snaps for easy feeding on-to-go.

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