The Ultimate Toy & Non-Toy Guide for your 0-6 month babies

The Ultimate Toy & Non-Toy Guide for your 0-6 month babies

Babies are tiny humans with likes, dislikes, and preferences, too. And at 0-6 months, they are great at discovery. So offer them a variety of toys (& non-toys) and let them explore!

The first few months of your newborn’s life looks like diapers - change -feed - change - sleep - repeat.

However, along with that comes playtime which is also a major part of your bebe’s development - from cognitive and physical development to emotional and social growth.

Through play, children of any age—even infants—can learn about themselves and the world around them. And you can join in on the fun, too: playing with your baby can help them achieve important physical milestones, develop their brains, teach them about emotions and social skills and encourage language development.

But it does get complicated. So we have curated a list of toys and non-toys that you can curate for your little one for an interactive and fun play. 

A metal tray or bowl

Add in a metal kitchen utensil as long as you have no zoom calls for some noise making!

Hair rollers

Rolls - have tiny holes in it and is easy to pick up and stick their tongue through.


Add some water in a bowl and put it in front of your little one, they’ll love splashing, dipping and swishing it.

Cupcake tray

Sprinkle some water in each button and let them explore. You can easily find them on or here are some of the brands we recommend:


Offer your baby a rattle and see how they react. We love these rattles from They are soft, sustainable and handmade with love. You can send DM them on Instagram to order your favourite rattles. Insta ID link:


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