Thinking about cancelling your baby shower? Here's why you shouldn't!

Thinking about cancelling your baby shower? Here's why you shouldn't!

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely got us questioning our social events. In this pandemic where we are supposed to practice social distancing, if you’re pregnant, you may be wondering how to plan your baby shower. 

Of course, we are prioritising the health and safety of our families, but just because we all have to stay home for a while doesn’t mean parents-to-be can’t have memorable baby showers.  
Are you thinking of cancelling your baby shower?
Hold on, don’t cancel it just yet! Even though we are amidst this pandemic or under lockdown, that doesn't mean you need to cancel your baby shower: Many mothers-to-be are now planning virtual baby showers. What does that mean? A virtual baby shower means everyone dresses up and meets up over their computers or smartphones. While it may be logistically different, the intent is the same: to celebrate you and your baby. Here’s to virtual belly rubs!
A virtual baby shower is not that bad an idea after all. The biggest advantage to hosting a virtual baby shower is that no one has to travel, a bigger group can be invited and it’s much less expensive compared to an in-person event.
So what are some of the ways we can still celebrate this pregnancy milestone?
Here’s a step by step guide on planning the perfect virtual baby shower


After you decide on the date and time for the event, choose a platform to host your baby shower. Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts are all wonderful options to host your event. Stick with something that you find easy to use, and one you’re fairly confident that, say, your elderly grandfather will be able to work. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.

choose the baby shower venue


Themes Make Everything More Legitimate. Themes have always been an adorable part of baby showers - they’re lovely to look at and they help tie-up all the different elements of the party (invites, decor, dress code, etcetera) together. 
Including the Baby Shower attire is a must. Dressing up mentally helps us feel better and like we’re actually going out into the world and attending a party. Check out our cute, comfortable maternity dresses perfect for your virtual baby shower here.
Another idea? Have your guests get dolled up, all wear the same color, or don a fun accessory (like heart-shaped sunglasses).

decide on the baby shower theme


Once the theme is finalised, bring it to life by adding some decor to the space from where you'll be hosting the party. Decorate like you’re actually having a party at home. Add some balloons to the backdrop. We recommend adding a balloon bouquet from  @balloonbouquetsmumbai or taking some inspiration from @balloonblushevents they’re great when it comes to party decor.

baby shower decoration ideas


Next, send an invitation. You can send a digital invitation with the help of these online invitation service like: Paperless Post or
Make sure you include all of the important info in the invite. Like the link to the platform where you'll be hosting the shower. Add the theme/ dress code, if any.

What’s a baby shower without games? Here’s a list of games you can play from afar:

The price is right. The host holds up various baby items (such as a onesie, bottle or toy) and guests guess how much they cost.

Guess the Baby Song: Play a few chords of baby-themed songs, and let guests guess what they just heard.

How Well Do You Know Mom? Use the downloadable template below to quiz guests on how well they know the mom-to-be.

Guess the Bump Size: Make your guests guess the size of your bump by just looking at it.
For prizes, nothing is better than gift cards from Mamaste, Sephora, Nykaa or even

After All, this is the new normal and we have to admit this experience is a new kind of fun

We understand how frustrating cancelling plans must be and when its about your special pregnancy milestone it can be inarguably painful. But like we always say, we should always have a Plan B. And in this case, the Plan B might be a great opportunity to embrace newer, different and amazing experiences. And..don't forget to take some screenshots for the gram ;)

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